Eric Prydz Hï Ibiza 2018

Hï Ibiza Voted INA Number 1 and DJ Mag Number 5

Eric Prydz Hï Ibiza 2018Eric Prydz Hï Ibiza 2018 lands for a huge 12 week residency on Tuesday’s at the super club in Playa d’en Bossa this summer.

Eric Prydz is no stranger to Ibiza and was given his first artist led residency on the island last summer by Hï and he smashed it and then some.

This year Prydz returns alongside Camelphat and Cristoph in the Theatre.

The Club will be hosted by Solardo and friends across this summer on Tuesdays.

So for 10 Tuesday’s at Hï Ibiza this summer it will be some very special house and techno sounds all the way.

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Eric Prydz Hï Ibiza 2018

Eric Prydz on Tuesdays at Hï Ibiza 2018

The official Ibiza bus app perfect for exploring the island

The official Ibiza bus app

The official Ibiza bus app

Getting around the white isle has just been made a lot easier with the launch of the official Ibiza bus app.  The perfect companion to getting the most out of the public transport system across the island.

The bus service in Ibiza in the summer is your ticket to explore, find new places, beaches and those hidden treasures as well as taking you to and from the Super Clubs on the disco bus which runs late evening and overnight. Read more

Is it time to ban drinking on Ibiza flights?

Is it time to ban drinking on Ibiza flights?

Alcohol on Ibiza flights

In the last few weeks, we have all seen the headlines about unruly behaviour onboard aircraft even flights being diverted so is it time to ban drinking on Ibiza flights? or because of the irresponsible few limit or ban drinking in airports all together?

This problem is nothing new and doesn’t just apply to Ibiza flights several other well known holiday destinations have had disruptive passengers over recent years but the common denominator does seem to be alcohol. Read more

Anthropology of Ibiza and it’s Cultural Side by Zoe Newlove

Anthropology of Ibiza and its Cultural Side by Zoe Newlove

Anthropology of Ibiza

With the infamous white isle being most known for her party culture, super clubs and music scene, it is quite hard to grasp the idea of there being an actual history and culture to the island.

Yet, if you look carefully as you drive around the island, you can see scattered churches, lighthouses, wells and ruins of times gone by.

If we go right back to the beginning, the first ever settlements on Ibiza can be dated back as far as 3000 years ago, with the Carthaginians discovering Ibiza in 654 B.C. Ibiza town is, in fact, one of the earliest towns to be discovered in Europe. Read more

Eat Well for Less in Ibiza – Menu Del Dia App

Menu Del Dia Menu of the Day

Menu Del Dia Menu of the Day

For those in Ibiza on a budget, a great way to get a great value meal is to have the “Menu of the Day” or Menu Del Dia.

The history of the Menu Del Dia goes back all the way to Franco times.  It was implemented in the early 60s to give the workers an affordable, filling lunch for a great price.

In more modern times, with the worldwide financial crisis it has again come back into favour, with both workers and visitors to Ibiza and Spain as a whole.

Read more

Ibiza, Spain destination guide by Travelwix – Guest Post

Ibiza Destination Guide

TravelTwix Destination Guide

Ibiza, Spain destination guide

There is so much more to Ibiza than the raves & nightlife that it is world-famous for… so TravelTwix have put together a handy guide, packed with inside information & top spots to check out on your trip to the white isle.

Although, the nightlife alone is a good enough reason to visit, there is so much more than meets the eye on the modest Island. Home to beautiful beaches, yoga retreats, pine-clad islands and secluded coves, those that venture off the beaten track can discover a surprisingly peaceful side to Ibiza. Read more

Workers that don’t work Ibiza

Ibiza Sunset from Mint Lounge

Working in Ibiza

Having spent some time in Ibiza during late May it amazed me at how many jobs were still available for summer workers.

A chance encounter with a long serving summer worker (into his 10th year) at the Fish Ibiza provided a surprising answer which was further backed up by a conversation with another long term Ibiza resident.

This year it seems that there are lots of workers but they just don’t seem to be able to get their head around the fact that they are in Ibiza to work.

Read more

Relish Restaurant & Lounge Bar, San Antonio Bay, Ibiza

Relish Restaurant & Lounge Bar San Antonio Bay Ibiza

Relish Restaurant San Antonio Bay

Just a few steps away from Cala de Bou, nestled a little way back from the beach you will find Relish Restaurant & Lounge Bar in the Bay of San Antonio.

With a large indoor seating area including a small snug, a long bar for cocktails, a covered terrace with views over the beach and an outdoor terrace complete with pool, this restaurant is an ideal spot to recharge your batteries after a long night partying or a long day at the beach.

From a quick lite snack to a fully indulgent meal there is something for everyone on the menu, and for those missing a little taste of home they also do incredible Sunday Roasts. Read more

The original Super Club of Ibiza

The original super club of Ibiza

The original super club of Ibiza

As the tourist boom of the 60s took hold the original Super Club of Ibiza was designed and built in the hills above San Jose.

At that time tourists arriving on the island were bused around and were a very captive audience, opening up much needed new opportunities for astute businesses across the island.

From researching about what many know as The Festival Club work originally started on the complex in 1969 on the hills above San Jose, which sits on the old road between Ibiza Town and San Antonio. Read more

Things to do with teenagers in Ibiza

Parasailing in Ibiza

Taking Teenagers to Ibiza

Taking teenagers on holiday is not for the faint-hearted. Unlike younger children where everything is an adventure and the novelty of being able to play on the beach, in the pool or climbing old ruins never grows old, teenagers on the other hand are a little more demanding.

You have to find something that will inspire their minds and give them something to look forward to. Read more

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