Adam Craft Working in Ibiza – Interview

Adam and Sam taking in the delights and wonders of the West End

Adam Craft & our Eldest

We first met Adam Craft in 2015 after he started posting weekly vlogs about his summer season in Ibiza.  His vlogs  are great fun and give a real insight into the work and lifestyle you can expect from working a season in the sun.

Being a veteran of working in Ibiza (2015 was Adam’s 5th consecutive year) we grabbed a few words with him to ask about working and if he had any tips he could share to help those new to working in Ibiza.

Thank you for joining us today Adam first off the question we get asked the most from potential workers thinking of doing a summer season in Ibiza. Read more

An interview with Sofia from Chilli Pepper Charters

Our dear friend Sofia

Our dear friend Sofia

Over our many years of visiting the island we have made some great friendships which will last a lifetime.

One of the islanders we have become very close to is Sofia who alongside her father (Vincente) run Chilli Pepper Charters boat trips from San Antonio.

As the 2017 season came to a close, and over a stunning sunset we sat down to talk to Sofia about her life on Ibiza. Read more

Ibiza Photographer John Stables – Interview

John Stables Ibiza Photographer

John Stables Ibiza Photographer

Hanging out on twitter is where we first came across John and his amazing photos of Ibiza and all it has to offer.

This is John’s third full season on the Island and his passion for the White Isle is as great as ours, so over a 1 euro breakfast in the Fish Ibiza we sat down to talk all things Ibiza starting with how John discovered the island.

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