DC-10 and Circoloco are going plastic free in 2019

DC-10 and Circo Loco are going plastic free in 2019

A Plastic free Ibiza

With many of us being far more aware of environmental issues that affect us all, yesterday’s announcement that DC-10 and Circoloco are going plastic free in 2019 is a small but significant move in the right direction.

The post was made across many social media outlets that from the Opening Party of Circoloco which take places on Monday, May 20th and that DC-10 Ibiza, the venue for said party, would be ditching single use plastic. Read more

Love Ibiza Now by Zoe Newlove

Love Ibiza Now

Love Ibiza Now

Every single day you read online or see somewhere on social media the impact that plastic is having on our oceans and environment. Plastic is a huge, global problem, and finally we are waking up to the cause and effects it is having, RIGHT NOW, on the world’s largest eco system, our ocean.

Today we wanted to talk to you about a non profit organisation, Love Ibiza Now, created to inspire a movement for a cleaner future. Read more