Palapa Ibiza opens in the harbour of San Antonio, Ibiza

Palapa Ibiza San Antonio

Palapa Ibiza San Antonio

Palapa Ibiza is the newest bar to open in San Antonio and takes pride of place on the waterfront by the harbour.

The building which has lain abandoned for a couple of years has been taken over by Grupo Mambo, owners of the famous Cafe Mambo.

In recent weeks the venue has been transformed and re-branded as Palapa Ibiza, which literally means a tropical open-sided bar or restaurant. Read more

Our Favourite Restaurant Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

Located within walking distance of San Antonio’s main beach, Tapas Ibiza is set away from the promenade down a rather dark and slightly imposing road (behind Linekers Bar) which takes you to another world of San Antonio.

Firstly it’s extremely peaceful despite being just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of San Antonio.  Even on nights where they are full to bursting, everyone seems to talk inhushed tones enjoying the peace and serenity of the venue that helps makes the atmosphere simply perfect. Read more

Big changes in San Antonio Ibiza for 2016

An exciting year ahead for San Antonio

San Antonio Ibiza

During the last week two major changes have been announced in San Antonio to help improve the town for the upcoming summer season.

In a bid to make the town more inviting and to get those visiting to explore a little more of the town, there is a plan to move the evening craft market from Passeig de ses Fonts (beside the fountains), to s’Era d’en Manyà, (the square where the Ship Inn is located).

There will still be a craft market held in the Passeig de ses Fonts on Friday afternoons throughout the summer season. Read more

Ibiza Rocks Bar San Antonio Great Food Great Value

Ibiza Rocks Bar San Antonio

Ibiza Rocks Bar San Antonio

Positioned overlooking S’Arenal beach in San Antonio, Ibiza Rocks Bar is one of those pleasant surprises which many people, of our age especially, will walk past thinking it’s not for them. But how wrong they would be.

Full of bikini / short wearing youngsters, we passed this several times on our first visit to Ibiza without giving it a second thought and it turns out we missed out on some of the best freshly cooked food in San Antonio and the most delicious milkshakes ever. Read more

Is Radio 1 Good for San Antonio Ibiza?

BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza

BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza

A hotly contested issue by locals, workers and visitors alike here are my thoughts on the subject of Radio 1 sunset strip event in San Antonio.

Radio 1 celebrated 20 years of broadcasting from the white isle this year with many different events across the island. Most are being held in purpose built venues suitable for large crowds with all the facilities in place such as sufficient security, toilets, medical provisions,etc.

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Healthy eating at the Skinny Kitchen San Antonio Ibiza

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

Ibiza has a reputation for being the home of excess. Of course we all like to splurge when we’re on holiday, but there are a growing number of people that still want to be able to enjoy great healthy food whilst away.

Introducing The Skinny Kitchen restaurant, located in the heart of San Antonio, which as it name suggests, serves healthy meals, snacks and drinks for all ages.

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How to report maintenance problems in San Antonio Ibiza

Maintenance in San Antonio

Maintenance Portal

We thought we had found something new in this but I have been reliably informed it has been around since July 2011 (thank you @aaronpanta).

There is a specific webpage to report maintenance problems around the area of San Antonio.

Whether its, rubbish, potholes, street lights not working or similar you can now easily and simply report it via this webpage on the councils own website.

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Water Taxis and Ferries from San Antonio Ibiza

The waterfront San Antonio Ibiza

The waterfront San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the best places to base your holiday in Ibiza as the transport links across the island from San Antonio are second to none.

Being an island, naturally everywhere can be reached by water so here is a list of water taxis and ferries you can get from San Antonio.

All these ferries depart from the main waterfront in San Antonio with several operators running the same routes, Read more