Is Silence the Future of the West End Ibiza?

silence the Future of the West End Ibiza

Is silence the future of the West End Ibiza?

Today saw the announcement which could solve the noise issues once and for all and now everyone’s asking is silence the future of the West End Ibiza?

Over recent weeks many of you will have seen various articles that in the last year after the introduction of the zone for special acoustic protection (ZPAE) area covering the West End of Ibiza that a total of 1.7 million euros worth of fines have been issued.

The majority of these fines were for exceeding the noise levels as set down by the local council under the ZPAE area ahead of last summer. Read more

The West End Terraces Law Passed – Finally

The West End Terraces Law Passed

West End Terraces Law Passed

After several months of discussion and consultation, the West End Terraces law has finally been passed by San Antonio Council and will come into effect in mid July.

The new law will prohibit terraces (outside seating) on the public highway from being used after Midnight for establishments playing music.

However, those establishments which do not play music will be allowed to keep their terraces open until 2am. Read more

Live Music at Shenanigans Ibiza

Live Music at Shenanigans Ibiza

Live Music at Shenanigans Ibiza

Shenanigans Ibiza, which first opened its doors in June of this year has become a real hit in the West End of San Antonio.

The Irish Bar has gone from strength to strength as the season has unfolded and is without, doubt one of our favourite bars in Ibiza, let alone in the West End.

One of the reasons, apart from the friendly staff, fantastic genuine Irish bar, great drinks including of course Guinness on tap, is their regular live music nights courtesy of Paddy Slater. Read more

Shenanigans opens in the West End Ibiza

Shenanigans is open

Shenanigans is open

Shenanigans has opened in the West End of San Antonio in Ibiza.  The West End’s latest bar and it is an absolute corker.

The bar, which was previously Capone’s, has been renovated from top to bottom to create Shenanigans a fantastic Irish Pub.

It opened on Saturday to a great reception from all and they really have raised the level when it comes to the quality of venues in the West End. Read more

Changes to the West End San Antonio, Ibiza

The West End San Antonio Ibiza

The West End San Antonio Ibiza

As many of the bars and clubs open this weekend, 2016 will herald some changes to the West End in San Antonio Ibiza.  From new bars to new security, to new enforcement of the rules it seems that times are changing for the area.

For those that have a preconceived idea about the West End have a read of this article because it has a reputation from years past that no longer applies.

In our book this is definitely the beating heart of San Antonio especially for first timers and for those on a budget, and with this year’s changes we believe that the West End is on the up and up again and dare we say it is starting to become a little more cosmopolitan. Read more