Workers that don’t work Ibiza

Ibiza Sunset from Mint Lounge

Working in Ibiza

Having spent some time in Ibiza during late May it amazed me at how many jobs were still available for summer workers.

A chance encounter with a long serving summer worker (into his 10th year) at the Fish Ibiza provided a surprising answer which was further backed up by a conversation with another long term Ibiza resident.

This year it seems that there are lots of workers but they just don’t seem to be able to get their head around the fact that they are in Ibiza to work.

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Interview with Amanda Hamilton Ibiza Worker

Amanda Ibiza summer Worker

Amanda Ibiza summer Worker

We first met Amanda in 2015 after she had arrived in Ibiza for a holiday and like many decided to stay on for the rest of the summer season.

She fell in love with the island its people, places and of course its parties and returned this year for a full season of Ibiza mayhem.

We caught up with her over a coffee back in the UK to find out how her 2016 season went, to find out her memories of the season and for her advice for others thinking about doing a summer in Ibiza. Read more

Adam Craft Working in Ibiza – Interview

Adam and Sam taking in the delights and wonders of the West End

Adam Craft & our Eldest

We first met Adam Craft in 2015 after he started posting weekly vlogs about his summer season in Ibiza.  His vlogs  are great fun and give a real insight into the work and lifestyle you can expect from working a season in the sun.

Being a veteran of working in Ibiza (2015 was Adam’s 5th consecutive year) we grabbed a few words with him to ask about working and if he had any tips he could share to help those new to working in Ibiza.

Thank you for joining us today Adam first off the question we get asked the most from potential workers thinking of doing a summer season in Ibiza. Read more

Working in Ibiza What You Need to know

Working in Ibiza

Working in Ibiza

Working a summer season in Ibiza is one of the must dos in life, and many people return year after year. Six months spent in the most beautiful and magical place in the world is simply heaven.

The season runs from late May until Mid October although over recent years many venues are trying to start a little earlier and end a little later but on average an Ibiza season is 5 months.

So here is our handy guide to what you need to know before taking the plunge with useful links at the bottom of the article. Read more