The 1 euro breakfast in San Antonio Ibiza

The Fish Ibiza in San Antonio

The Fish Ibiza in San Antonio

Yes you read that right a breakfast for 1 euro. We heard about the Fish Ibiza through another online blog IBZ.TV  and had to go and check it for ourselves to see what the fuss was about.

Located in San Antonio close to the West End at Carrer de Santa Rosalia, 2, below the  All Suite Ibiza Apart hotel.

A small friendly bar that is very popular with the summer workers (with recruitment days, job and accommodation board) and servers the famous 1 euro breakfast.

We were welcomed by Joe the owner and several summer workers as we entered the small bar and straight away we felt at ease with everyone chatting away happily.  We also picked up some great insights into the start of the season.

We grabbed a menu and there it was, the 1 euro breakfast which consists of sausage, beans and toast with the only caveat that you have to order a drink, be it a mug of tea or a shot if the mood takes you.

The Fish Ibiza Menu

The Fish Ibiza Menu

You can of course add some extras like Hash browns, Black pudding, scrambled eggs etc to make it a bigger breakfast.

We ordered our breakfasts with a few extras for the 3 of us and it was exactly as described and delicious.  In fact it was so good our 11 year old had a second plate full!! Trust me that is high praise indeed.

As you can see from the menu above they do a range of simple staple foods, great at any time of day and being popular with the workers on a budget you can’t go wrong visiting the Fish Ibiza in San Antonio.

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