The Beaches of Ibiza by Air

The magical island of IbizaFlying into Ibiza is always a magical experience filled with the excitement of the days ahead whilst looking out of the window, down over the island that we all love so much.

Seeing the beaches from the air gives you a fantastic and unique viewpoint, and now some clever boffins have filmed and edited 55 of Ibiza’s stunning beaches in glorious HD for you to enjoy.

As well as filming the beaches individually they have also edited shorter clips together of the 55 beaches into one 7 minute video which is fantastic and gives you a perfect view of the fascinating coastline and beauty of the beaches around Ibiza.

All the videos were shot early in the season so the beaches are at their best and many are very quiet – so different from how we all normally see them.

From their unique vantage point they have also filmed the iconic Sunset Strip, which is one of our favourite places to go to watch the sun setting and soak up the atmosphere.

You can find many more videos of the beaches of Ibiza from the air on their YouTube channel here.

My thanks to Michael at for sending us the link.


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