The Magic of Sunset at Es Vedra

Es Vedra ibiza

Es Vedra ibiza

Es Vedra is one of those unique spots in the world that takes your breath away every time you see it.

Located just off the coast of Ibiza near Cala d Hort, the huge limestone rock towers up from the crystal clear sea and is shrouded in mystery and legend.

Could it be the last remaining part of Atlantis left above the waters?

Is it home to the Sirens and Nymphs who tried to seduce Odysseus from his ship?

Or is it simply a gateway or navigation beacon for UFO’s?

I have no answers to these questions or any of the other myths that surround Es Vedra; however, is is said to be the third most magnetic rock in the world, something that perhaps is the cause of many of the old myths and unexplained happenings.

Sunset at Es Vedra ibiza

Sunset at Es Vedra ibiza

Es Vedra was in the film South Pacific and was featured on the cover of Mike Oldfield’s “Voyager” album and today can be seen in many a high gloss fashion magazine as a simply stunning backdrop to their latest photoshoot.

The best time to visit, in our opinion, if you want to soak up the truly magical vibe, is to visit at Sunset.   Getting there is easy by car, through winding lanes and turning off the main road on to a bumpy dirt track and driving very carefully down to the makeshift carpark

Parking up is relatively easy, thanks to the local hippies who seem to always be on hand to direct you into a suitable space.  After a short walk you emerge onto a plateau of rock overlooking the sea where you will catch your first breath-taking glimpse of Es Vedra.

You can choose to continue on a fairly hard climb upwards to sit beside the tower above or take a seat on the rocks in front of you.

Whichever option you choose, you will find yourself losing hours just watching, looking and contemplating life.

You will hardly notice as others arrive to join the spectacle as an air of peace and tranquillity surrounds you, you become lost in your own thoughts with just the distant sound of the waves below and the incredible sun slowly setting in front of you.

As the sun slips beneath the waves and darkness starts to descend you can often hear musicians playing, their music floating on the breeze adding to the already magical atmosphere.

It is a place I return to time and time again,  not only for the magic of the sunset, but for that peaceful stillness that allows you to enjoy a moment or two’s reflection, something  that is so often lost in today’s modern life.

Regardless of the myths and legends there is defiantly something magical and very special about this great Ibizan landmark that should be experienced by all.

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