The Power of Above and Beyond – A happy Ending

FindMarie to FoundMarie

FindMarie to FoundMarie

We found Marie!!!

So we had found Warren and Belma from Saturday night’s Above and Beyond We Are All We Need Tour but still wanted to find Marie to check she was ok.

Today’s blog spread like wildfire across twitter and Facebook and going through messages and comments on the Above and Beyond Facebook page, we noticed a comment from one of her friends mentioning that they could see Marie.

The hash tag #findmarie started to appear and Tony from A&B re-tweeted the link as did a host of other people.

Rosey also did some digging working out from that single comment and message the person who made the comment, and messaged Marie directly, asking them to read the blog and let us know she was ok.

We then waited and all went quiet, with just the odd tweet, odd mention but nothing solid.

Panicking we had scared poor Marie whitless, being a little stalkerish in our efforts; the hours have ticked by, both of us checking our phones way more often than is healthy.

Then messages started to flow back from her friends on Twitter and Facebook saying they had passed the info on and thanking us for looking after Marie on Saturday night and confirming that we had found Marie.

Then Rosey ‘s friend request was accepted and message sent direct to Marie from us was read, we waited and waited for what seemed like hours and then we received a reply.

I am ok thank you for Saturday night I am a little overwhelmed at the response. But I am thrilled to have been part of your heart warming story. The message was longer but we do not wish to share the full contents for privacy sake. But suffice to say Marie is ok and had a great time at Brixton.

We are elated, and have to say a huge thank you to all and everyone who shared, posted, tweeted and contacted us not only about Marie but about Warren and Belma too.

Thank you every one of you, it just shows the power of a truly special groups of fans that A&B have and the love and care we show each other and that they show us back in return.

We truly are the #AnjunaFamily and have #FoundMarie

If this makes no sense part one can be found here and part two here

The Anjuna Family all their for each other.

The Anjuna Family all their for each other.

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