The Power of Above and Beyond – A Heartfelt Story Part 2

Please help us find Marie, it would mean so much to us

Please help us find Marie, it would mean so much to us

Please read the original post first here as otherwise this will make absolutely no sense.

Thanks to social media we have found two of the three people that we are looking for, who shared such an amazing night.

And I have to say a huge thank you to all those who tweeted, posted and shared the original story inc Jono from Above and Beyond who’s twitter feed must have gone crazy because of us –  sorry.

Warren (the tall guy in the original article) commented on our “Are you in this circle?” photo that Rosey posted on the Above and Beyond photo of Brixton, saying that he was the tall guy.

Although he wasn’t “with” Belma the shorter girl, he knew who she was… and last night became a blur as we lost several fantastic hours chatting away to them both.

It turned out, that their story is as epic as ours, both having had two tickets to one night each of Brixton, and being unable to take anyone they arranged a ticket swap with each other through Facebook.

Warren and Belma met for the first time at Brixton on Friday and swapped one each of their two tickets so they could both go on Friday and Saturday night.

Being on their own, and Warren being the perfect gentleman he stayed with Belma it turns out remarkably they stood about 6ft away from where we stood on the Friday, having a great night.

Saturday evening they arrived separately and just happened to spot one another inside Brixton Academy.

Belma being right at the front (next to us) and what I took as “knowing the security” was purely the fact that security had recognised her from the night before.

The incident at the start of A&B set shook all of us up but between us all, we got each other through it and had an incredible night together.

So that’s two of those we shared such a magical experience with but

We still want to find “Marie”, if that is what her name is, simply to make sure she is ok and remind her she is not alone.  So again, I am asking you, my blog readers, to keep spreading the word for us.

All we know is she went to both Above and Beyond nights at Brixton Academy.  On Friday with a group of mates and Saturday alone.  She has blue hair is about 5ft 9 has tattoos on her arms and lots of wristbands.

She had a small black back pack on and was holding a sign with the Anjuna logo on one side and A&B, The Button & Me on the other side.  Her favourite song is also Peace of Mind.

Please help us find Marie, all four of us just want to know she is ok and to thank her for being there with us on Saturday and sharing the truly emotional evening Saturday night became.

UPDATED: Read Part 3 here

We were all stodd in the circle to the right hand side.

We were all stood in the circle to the right hand side.


  • You really do both love this band,just read your article it’s nice the true fans of A&B have this true sense of belonging,the loss of Charlotte has made that even more important,knew there had been a problem as all of a sudden you both moved away,the guy standing next to me had a problem with a man with a light blue shirt but ignored it as did I when I kept being tapped on my back,the girl with the blue hair even offered me a fiver if I moved,but wast going to give up my place,even the idiot who jumped up on stage when ilan was on didn’t spoil it have to be honest not my normal.musical listening,more into smooth jazz etc,and for a few hours felt like a teenager again and not the 51 year old I am ,told my daughter she missed a really good night no comment from her,may meet up at another gig look after yourselves Mark

    • Hi Mark, Thank you for the kind words and glad you enjoyed it mostly. It really was an emotional weekend for us and I am sure this will make for a great story to pass on to others of the power of Above and Beyond fans and the Anjuna family. And if you haven’t seen we found Marie and she is ok possibly a little overwhelmed by our madness and worry but ok. It was great to meet you and hope to again in the future. Tristan

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