The Power of Above and Beyond – A Heartfelt Story

This is us Tristan and Rosey

This is us Tristan and Rosey

We have loved Above and Beyond for many years, have seen them all over Inc 3 times in Ibiza last year and attended their acoustic shows in London.

We have got rather good at the twitter banter with them and have a whole t shirt thing going on with Jono (Privilege Ibiza being the best yet, Stop making stupid people famous) who spots us regularly and waves, as they all do to those they recognise in the crowd.

We booked to go to Brixton for both nights of the We Are All We Need UK Tour and Friday was an amazing show as always.

Saturday took on a whole different meaning for so many reasons; we arrived early got to stage front and even met Anjuajames cab driver.

Early in A&B set an idiot caused us agro and to cut a long story short for us middle agers, was a little unnerving but security dealt with it swiftly and professionally.

The result was a couple next to us who took the brunt of it were a little shaken as were we. (a very short girl we think known to Brixton academy security and a tall guy who was with her)

Is this you, pls get in touch Brixton Saturday night Above and Beyond

Is this you on the left, pls get in touch, Brixton Saturday night Above and Beyond

We all looked after each other and we’re soon back into the groove joined by a girl with blue hair a few beautiful tats on her arms and a sign, who was so happy dancing laughing hugging us all.

She had come alone after having such an amazing time on Friday and made friends with us all, we believe she is called Marie.

The set continued and push the button came and Marie didn’t get picked, she was so disappointed and upset she burst into floods of tears we all (myself, Rosey the short girl and tall guy) consoled her and held her tight through Alone tonight and brought her spirit back.

Please help us find Marie, it would mean so much to us

Do you know these arms? Please help us find Marie, it would mean so much to us.

The two who did push the button even came back to apologise to her due to the emotions involved and they themselves are beautiful people, thank you.

Then the set came to a close and Jono came out and did the most beautiful dedication to Charlotte his sister who recently and unexpectedly passed away.

We were all brought to tears all of us together not just our group but the whole room such a powerful and moving experience for everyone present.

Tony and Paavo joined Jono on stage and the tears flowed three guys with music at their hearts their love for each other and their fans all together in one place for one moment in time.

The unquestionable evidence that group therapy is at the heart of their and our lives.

True Group Therapy with Above & Beyond

True Group Therapy with Above & Beyond

They then jumped down to the crowd line and shook us by the hand Jono taking the time to thank us all, and a little part of me hopes that seeing familiar friendly faces helps with his grieving at this impossible time.

Marie gave us all one last hug and disappeared into the crowd, we hugged it out with short n tall before leaving.

Emotional doesn’t even begin to describe our night the ultimate highs lows and all in between but sharing it with those around us has truly moved us both.

To this end we have spent the day through social media trying to find who Marie and the girl and guy were by bugging all and anyone we know who went last night, sadly thus far to no avail.

Firstly to check they are ok and secondly to thank them they truly were our group therapy and it would be great to keep in touch.

We are on Twitter @biffa247 or @whiteisleibiza or @rosebud982 or email through the contact us link above.

So if you are or know Marie, blue hair tattoos and a sign or the shorter girl who seemed to be known to security in a good way lol or the taller guy with a #weareallweneed t shirt pls point us or them in the right direction.

If you can pls post, tweet and social media this and the pics it would mean so much to us.

Thank you for your time from two Above & Beyond fans who were truly moved to another level at Brixton academy this weekend.

UPDATE: Read Part 2 Here


We were all stodd in the circle to the right hand side.

We were all stood in the circle to the right hand side.

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