The Red House: Twilight’s Edge a book by Jennifer Allan

The Red House

The Red House

Continuing my love of books which are set in and around Ibiza, I discovered The Red House through Twitter.  It is a true mystery with a complex but endearing story set in the present and past times of Ibiza.

Maddie is the central character who lives with her husband and children in Ibiza living the idyllic lifestyle we all dream of. After several odd events and occurrences at their villa “The Red House” Maddie suffers a freak accident.

She awakens in familiar surroundings but in an unfamiliar time and the story develops into her working out how to get back to her normal day to day life alongside the story of those left behind.

For Maddie its the understanding of her new surroundings and her reason for being there, for those left behind its the not knowing the waiting, both draw you in to wanting to find out more and to see how the story unfolds.

The writing is fluid and very descriptive, a scene early in the book describes Maddie swimming in her villa pool. It really takes you there in your mind and it’s as though you are sat by the poolside watching her swim.  This descriptive style continues throughout the book  incidents, the surroundings, conversations, descriptions of the island and places on it come across vibrant and real.

The characters are relateable and you can identify easily with their situation or the day to day goings on.  The attention to detail in the descriptive is first class and you have all the information in your mind to picture each scene in detail and to understand the emotions, the feelings and the mystery.

I was also very impressed with the depth of detail the author has added to the modern history of Ibiza especially those parts which refer to how life was like under Franco’s rule.

This book is a real page turner and you will be immersed into the setting and the story from the very beginning, rooting for the main character and those around her as the story unfolds until the very last sentence of the book.

This is a fantastic read for all those who like a good mystery with an endearing set of characters that come to life page by page.

We look forward to the sequel which, we are told is in the process of being written, and we hope that the author goes on to write many many more books in this series with these or similar characters.

Available from Amazon as an Ebook (available on all most all devices)

Price: £2.10

Pages: 223


Author: Jennifer Allan , find her on twitter here @JenAllanIbiza


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