The rise of social media in Ibiza

Social Media in Ibiza

Social Media in Ibiza

Many moons ago, in the distance far reaches of time, you arrived in Ibiza fresh faced and unsure of what was what, where to go and what to do.

Your hotel rep would give you a list of excursions that you could join,  be it the 18 – 30 crowd off to party or the more mature guest off to see the caves or to Dalt Villa for a few hours.

You would then walk, drive and explore the island and no doubt succumb to a PR or two buying club tickets for the evening or allow yourself to be ushered into a bar for a pint and a shot for almost next to nothing.

Word of mouth from other people that had gone before you, or those coming to the end of their holiday would be the way to pass on crucial information about where to go what to do and of course a stack of leaflets at the hotel reception to thumb through.

Cafe Mambo roots were born out of unscrupulous promoters claiming that DJs were not on the island so, therefore, wouldn’t be playing that night as they tried to push their own club nights.  DJ’s then started to play at Mambo to showcase their presence before heading off for their set at a Super Club.

Jump forward to today and how the passing of information has changed with the rise of the internet and most notably social media.

Most, if not all of us have a social media account, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or a host of other lesser known apps. We carry them around with us on hand at our fingertips 24/7.

This has had a profound effect on the way people choose to holiday and now how they research their trip before departing.

Those who saw the social media revolution and embraced it are flying high, Cafe Mambo has built its fame and reputation for being the place to watch the sun setting in Ibiza and posts sunset and DJ pictures and videos nightly.

Restaurants post pictures of their daily specials, beach clubs show off their cocktails and sunbeds, boat trips share their views and local pictures of marine life and so it goes on.

Tapas Ibiza great food and drink in an idyllic setting in San Antonio

We only found Tapas Ibiza due to a recommendation through twitter Photo courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

Before any of us have boarded the plane we all know where we are going, what days out we are having, which club/restaurant we are visiting and many people have little time for exploring or stumbling across those hidden gems.

This is now having a direct effect on businesses across Ibiza, with those with big social media budgets and the knowledge using these platforms to great effect to attract new customers weeks and months in advance of their arrival and securing their place in the holidaymakers schedule.

Those without the online presence, who are still using the old methods of attracting customers are suffering even though they may offer unique and bespoke products not found anywhere else on the island.

So as the winter approaches, I would urge all Ibiza businesses to use the time wisely, create your own social media accounts, learn how to use them from local businesses who are already using them to great effect and interact with potential customers before they have even arrived on the island.

The only cost is your time and effort and there is always help available from friend’s family and youngsters alike to help you get started with what is the modern day word of mouth.

For tourists, when planning your next trip to Ibiza, I would ask you to leave a day or an afternoon free in your schedule to just go off and explore.  You never know what you may find, Ibiza is full of hidden gems that deserve to survive in a changing world.

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