The San Antonio Express Tourist Train Ibiza

San Antonio Express

The San Antonio Express

Operating from outside the bus station in San Antonio you will find the San Antonio Express Tourist Train which offers a 2 hour tour offering a glimpse into how the island looks away from the urban jungle of the town.

Tours leave at 11am 1pm and 4pm daily (excluding Sundays) but they ask you to arrive 30 minutes before to get you seated, buy your tickets and get comfortable for the journey ahead.

Travelling east from the town the tour guide gives a running commentary about what you can see, the trees, bushes, landscape and buildings, in what can only be described as a very unique yet informative way. (more on this later).

Passing vineyards (yes Ibiza has its own wineries) the tour turns north heading into one of the many pine forests that adorn the island. A great insight is given into the landscape before the train heads out onto an open plateau.

The vineyards of ibiza

The vineyards of ibiza

The train then continues to the beautiful village of Santa Agnes de Corona where it stops at a restaurant for some much needed refreshments. You can choose from beer,wine, sangria or a choice of soft drinks, perfect for the children and it is all included in the price of the tour.

After a short stop the journey continues heading south back towards San Antonio through more beautiful countryside with more fantastic insights and information.

Refreshment stop at Santa Agnes de Corona

Refreshment stop at Santa Agnes de Corona

The views across the fields, out to sea to the west and across the island to the east are spectacular but all too soon you are descending back into San Antonio and the train takes you past the famous Egg before returning to the starting point at the bus station.

This trip is ideal for all ages, for adults it is informative and spectacular, for kids of any age (inc our teenage son) it is hilarious and i don’t mean the odd funny moment, for the whole journey you will be in stitches with props being used by the tour guide, be they on the tour or by the side of the road used.

The tour includes props inside and out of the train.

The tour includes props inside and out of the train, making it hilarious and fun.

It was a part of the tour I didn’t expect and as much as i learned a lot about the island I also haven’t laughed so much in ages. I will certainly be trying to convince the world to go on the San Antonio Express when in Ibiza just for this one pure reason alone. It’s brilliant.



  • We went on the road train (leaving from San Antonio) for the past four trips to Ibiza.
    We think it is very good value for money and a good way to see different parts of Ibiza.
    The driver gives a commentary as he drives around in many languages and every one loves him as he keeps everyone smiling with his jokes.
    The train stops in a small cross road style village where you can enjoy a free drink.

  • We were a family of 7 from baby to senior citizens….Baby fell asleep but everyone else loved the 2 hr ride and the crazy driver. He was terrific with endless jokes and comments making the journey even more fun and the scenery was lovely. Even our usually serious 4 yr old was cracking up and remembers that day and the funny driver we had. I had to search online for the information before the holiday as there was no leaflets in our hotel. Thomas Cook take note, it was your hotel….

    • Hi Joan,

      Thank you for the comment and so glad you all enjoyed the trip we love it and as you say the guy who drives and entertains is fantastic and jokes for all ages.

      I am not sure they have many leaflets apart from in the very tourist places which is a shame as we know loads of people would love this trip but I am sure its a question of scale, so many hotels and venues to place them but we hope our article here will help people learn about this trip.

      Thank you again


  • Hello , us this train running now in April and do you now the times and prices for it as I already know that it runs from San Antonio station

  • Hi
    We seen the train running yesterday. We’re just wondering where we get the train?

    • Hi Linda,

      From just outside the bus station in San Antonio look for the small booth where you can purchase tickets, see the times and more information.

      Best wishes


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