The Sunset Strip San Antonio, Ibiza

Sunset Strip San Antonio Ibiza

Sunset Strip San Antonio Ibiza

The Sunset Strip is, without doubt, one of my favourite places to go on Ibiza to watch the sun sink beneath the waves.

It is an iconic setting, just away from the main San Antonio harbour and is easily reached on foot along the coastal footpath.

Made up of many bars, from the world famous Cafe del Mar, to the more infamous Cafe Mambo, it is a small piece of heaven on Ibiza’s coast.

It is suitable for children of all ages but be aware it can be very crowded at times so do keep an eye on them it also great for teenagers to experience world class DJs for the first time.

With a few hours to go before sunset, the bars and restaurants come alive with music being played, the drinks flowing and people grabbing their seats ready for the nightly show.

Often parades from the super clubs will pass by, promoting that night’s entertainment all with amazing costumes, banners and flags adding to the party atmosphere.

Small and large boats moor up just off the shore full of people excited to be there with their laughter drifting across the waves to shore.

Sunset from the sunset strip

Sunset from the sunset strip

As the sun starts to sink the light is incredible with every night a little different from the last.  It could be a perfectly clear evening or there may be a little cloud around, whatever the result it is a truly dramatic and emotional sight none the less.

With what seems like the whole of Ibiza gathered in one small corner of the island, the sun sinks beneath the horizon and with a huge cheer and clapping from the crowd gives you a true indication of the spectacle that everyone just witnessed.

After dark the party continues with a nightly fire show on the shoreline and top name Dj’s taking their turn on the decks, entertaining the masses before everyone goes their  separate ways, be it to dine out or to get ready for dancing through the night.

Having watched Fat Boy Slim jump from his yacht, swim to shore and play an impressive set to thousands along the shoreline and promenade last year it truly is an iconic place to be where no two nights are ever the same.

I would urge everyone to visit here at least once, just to soak up the atmosphere and to see and feel the world come together for one magical experience.

Sunset from the rocks San Antonio

Sunset from the rocks San Antonio

For those who like it a little more relaxed, if you walk past the sunset strip and past the rocky shore line there are bars with terraces around the corner which offer the same fantastic view but at a more sedate pace.

Top Tips:

Due to the popularity of the bars along the strip especially Cafe Mambo, Cafe del Mar, Savannah and Mint Lounge if you want a table with the perfect view it is advisable to book or arrive early, some tables do have a minimum spend limits too.

 If that’s a little out of your budget then grab a few beers from a local supermarket and find a spot on the rocks,  you will still experience the same incredible atmosphere, the amazing view and the music from the bars all for a fraction of the cost, but a little less comfortable on your behind.

It is one place in the world not to miss out on and I guarantee you will return again and again to experience this unique part of Ibiza.

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