The Ultimate Bootcamp in Ibiza from The Skinny Kitchen

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The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

Ibiza may be famed for its partying and excessive lifestyle but over recent years a trend has developed for a more relaxed and healthier holiday on the island and 2016 is no exception, with the people behind the The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza bringing what we believe to be the ultimate Bootcamp to Ibiza.

For those that don’t know the Skinny Kitchen is the healthy eating restaurant in San Antonio, not only loved by the health conscious but by everyone through their innovative use of ingredients that result in the creation of  amazing mouth-watering dishes which are as healthy as it gets.

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza Bootcamp runs from the 18th until the 25th of April and is a great mix of healthy living, fitness with the added bonus that that they will be teaching you how to cook some of their famous dishes.

Held in a luxury villa on the island, surrounded by other gym / health fanatics this is the ultimate way to kick you into shape for 2016, teaching you what you need to know about healthy eating whilst getting a tan and re-energising yourself ready for the year ahead.

The Skinny Kitchen bootcamp villa

The Skinny Kitchen bootcamp villa. Image courtesy of The Skinny Kitchen

A typical day in Bootcamp will be as follows:

7am – Early morning Cardio
8am – Breakfast
9am – Strength and Conditioning
10.30am – Snack break
11.30am – Hike
1pm – Lunch
2.30pm – HIIT Training
4pm – Skinny Kitchen Cooking Lesson/Nutrition Tutorial
5pm – Yoga
6.30pm – Dinner

And should you have any energy left the evenings are yours to go out and explore the beauty of the island or just relax and unwind by the pool with the other bootcampers.

The amazing yes healthy Skinny Kitchen food

Learn to cook the amazing yet healthy Skinny Kitchen recipes. Image courtesy of The Skinny Kitchen

With a team of qualified trainers on hand to encourage and push you and The Skinny Kitchen chefs guiding you, you will enjoy a fantastic mix of fitness training, knowledge and cooking skills to help you eat clean and rave dirty all year round.

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