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Parasailing in Ibiza

Taking Teenagers to Ibiza

Taking teenagers on holiday is not for the faint-hearted. Unlike younger children where everything is an adventure and the novelty of being able to play on the beach, in the pool or climbing old ruins never grows old, teenagers on the other hand are a little more demanding.

You have to find something that will inspire their minds and give them something to look forward to. Yes they will do a relaxing day at the beach but all too soon if you do it too many times it becomes just another beach to them and boredom will set in which of course is followed by the teenage “attitude”.

They are not old enough to be let free in a foreign land to explore by themselves, but they are also too old for endless ice creams and sandcastles, not forgetting their persistent NEED to have a WIFI connection at all times so they can keep up with all their mates back home.

However, Ibiza has the answer to keep the whole family happy.  They have lots of  attractions and activities that will set their minds alight and may even make you a cool parent (well for a few moments at least). So here are a few of our recommendations from our own personal experiences of holidaying with teenagers in Ibiza.

Sunset Strip San Antonio

This is an iconic location to go and see the sunset with the backdrop of bars, Cafe Mambo, Cafe del Mar and Savannah where top name DJ’s play after the sun goes down. It’s great for the whole family to enjoy the experience alongside thousands of other people all watching one of the world’s greatest sunsets.

For teenagers it comes into its own as they not only get to experience the sunset, take a few pictures for their all-important social media but afterwards they can sit / dance and enjoy top named Dj’s play some of the best sets they will hear anywhere giving them access to famous DJ’s long before they are able to go to a Super Club to enjoy them.

The bars of Sunset Strip San Antonio

The bars of Sunset Strip San Antonio perfect for teenagers to see top named Dj’s

For parents and younger children, you can of course choose one of the quieter bars to sit at and let your teenager go off and explore all within sight of where you are sitting. Again it creates fantastic memories for them of your family holiday and provides you with a great evening out.

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Chilli Pepper Charters

Boat excursions are a must when in Ibiza, but for something that will engage your teenager try Chilli Pepper Charters. Sailing twice a day along the coast of Ibiza (from San Antonio) they have a relaxed and laid back excursion allowing the whole family to unwind and to take in the sights of the Ibizan coast and the Mediterranean sea.

What makes this perfect for teenagers is they stop in several different places during each trip allowing time for a swim and snorkelling (equipment provided). We have found from experience that with teenagers this really does help engage them as seeing the life beneath the waves whether it’s the different fish, an octopus or plant life means they never know what to expect.

For the more adventurous they also offer cliff jumping opportunities.  Something that will test even the bravest of teenagers. However, we think that the most magical experience is watching the sun setting beneath the horizon from the unique vantage point of the Mediterranean sea something that will stay with them for ever more.

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Paddle Boarding

We do this every year and as a family we love it, and for teenagers it seems to be the perfect activity. Not only do they get to learn a new skill but they get to explore the coastline of Ibiza under their own steam and gives them a huge sense of achievement.

Paddle boarding great for small and large groups of family and friends

Paddle boarding great for small and large groups of family and friends

Last time we tried it our eldest was amazing at it and didn’t fall off once, annoyingly. I on the other hand spent more time swimming than paddle boarding it seemed but I still had a great time. Again as a family activity it was perfect and kept us all happy as we got to see Ibiza from a new perspective.

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Tapas Ibiza

Eating out in Ibiza is fairly easy, you can find burgers and chips pretty much everywhere but as parents there is only so much junk food you can cope with.  With teenagers being fussy and in a foreign land it can be a lot more difficult to find a restaurant with food to suit everyone.

Our tip is Tapas Ibiza.  It has a great menu,  is in a lovely quiet setting and the way in which the food is served works so well for teenagers and children. As the name suggests you order tapas. This is perfect for your teenager as as you each pick two or three dishes from the menu, and they come out on small plates perfect for sharing, so for a family of four people you could have 8 or 12 different dishes to share.

Tapas ibiza our favourite restaurant on the whole island. Picture courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

Tapas ibiza our favourite restaurant and perfect for fussy teenagers. Picture courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

Yes our kids were highly sceptical at first. But now it’s their top place to eat with both of them having their favourite dishes.  We always order something different from the menu as well as our favourites so we can all try it, however, the problem with that is now our favourite dishes list is just getting longer and longer.

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Other activities we would recommend which will engage teenagers, as well as other family members, are :

Parasailing 400ft above the sea, it feels like you are floating and the views are insane. Find out more here.

Ocean Mania an assault course on water, lots of slippery bouncy fun. Find out more here.

Learning to surf at Surf Lounge Ibiza. Find out more here.

Visiting Ibiza town and having a walk round Dalt Vila followed by a look at all the luxury yachts and boats moored up in the harbour. Find out more here.

A 4 x 4 safari exploring the wilderness of Ibiza away from the known areas is an eye opener for all ages and something a little different. Find out more here.

For 15 more things to do with teenagers click here, courtesy of

So when you are next looking at booking a holiday and you have a teenager to cater for do not fear or worry, Ibiza has it all for the whole family and will give you, your family and your teenager memories that will last a lifetime.

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