Thomas Greens British Supermarket San Antonio Ibiza

Thomas Greens San Antonio

Thomas Greens San Antonio

You know how it is, you’re away from home and as much as you may be surrounded by the world’s most beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants and amazing bars it’s nice to have a taste of home.

Located behind Ocean Beach / Surf House Ibiza on Cami des Moli in San Antonio is Thomas Green’s British Supermarket which stocks a huge range of all things quintessentially British.

Open 7 days a week,(Monday to Saturday 10am – 8pm and Sunday 10am – 2pm) the store is jam packed with your favourite goodies.

From bread, household goods, groceries, frozen food, toiletries, car care and so much more you will find everything you need to reminisce about home.

You can also top up your mobile phone top ups, pick up a UK newspapers or  magazine (ideal  for the beach) and of course enjoy some great British chocolate and sweets which are so different from anywhere else. So if you have that home chocolate craving Thomas Green has it all.

And like many UK national supermarkets, you can browse products online and order through their website

Can’t find the product you want?   Not a problem, just add t to their Suggestions Board and they will do their best to get it to the white isle for you.

As an extra treat why not grab a hot savoury snack like beef and vegetable pasties, pies, sausage rolls, steak slices or cheese & onion slices which are available from 11 am Monday – Saturday.

So while away there is no need to feel homesick when you can surround yourself with goodies from home.

You can also find Thomas Greens on twitter and facebook


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