Three hidden gems in San Antonio Ibiza

Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

San Antonio is renowned for being the party capital of Ibiza but it has a few hidden away gems if you are prepared to hunt them out.

Here are our three hidden gems in San Antonio Ibiza (a restaurant, an attraction and a beach) all worthy of hunting out on your next trip to the island.

Hidden Gem 1: Restaurant: Tapas Ibiza

Within walking distance of San Antonio’s main beach Tapas Ibiza is set away from the sea down a rather dark and imposing road (behind Linikers Bar) which takes you to another world.

Firstly it’s very peaceful, and even on nights where they are full to bursting everyone seems to talk in hushed tones enjoying the peace and serenity of the location.

The food is a mix of traditional Spanish and modern with something for everyone on the menu. You each take your pick of 2 or 3 items from the menu and then share everything once served (this is true collective dining).

Tapas Ibiza the perfect restaurant to celebrate any occation

Tapas Ibiza the perfect restaurant to celebrate any occasion

I can guarantee everyone has a favourite and a second helping will be ordered along with a second drink or two.  Their Mojitos are some of the best in Ibiza.

We have lost many hours here sat in the garden or on the terrace watching the sun go down, recharging our batteries ready for our next party or boat trip on Ibiza.

Hidden Gem 2: Attraction: Aquarium Cap Blanc

Located to the north west of San Antonio the aquarium is a great place to lose an afternoon.

It has a little bar and terrace (where the ferry goes to and from San Antonio water front if you do not fancy the walk along the rocks or by road) which is great to relax in, watching the world go by enjoying the peace and quiet away from San Antonio.

For only a few euros you can descend into a natural cave used for various purposes over the centuries including a lobster farm.   But it is now an aquarium packed full of the fish native to the coastal waters around Ibiza.  Occasionally you might spot turtles or other exotic species resting whilst they receive some tender loving care.

The cave is completely natural and has 5 openings in the rocks allowing sea water to come in and out keeping the water at the perfect temperature for the fish inside.

The aquarium also acts as the Recovery Centre of Marine Species which is funded by the local council and run by the aquarium.  Their sole purpose is to provide recuperation of local protected marine wildlife that may have become injured, before being returned to the wild.  It is also an ideal opportunity to educate locals and visitors of the problems associated with the sea and its wildlife.

You are allowed to feed the fish at the aquarium with their prepared fish food.  A fantastic tip is to buy a bag before you descend – it’s really cheap and you won’t regret it.

Hidden Gem 3: Beach: Cala Gracio

This is a beautiful beach located just to the north of San Antonio by about 2km, which is within walking distance.  Or you can always catch the ferry to the aquarium and take a walk across the rocks to find this hidden beach.

Being away from the main beaches around San Antonio it tends to be a little quieter with locals and tourists enjoying the beach and sea together.

 It is a natural bowel and is surrounded by leafy trees protecting you from any wind and has stunningly clear water.

The beach itself has a gentle slope with the fine sand reaching out under the waves for a long way making it ideal for paddling and swimming.

With such clear water you can snorkel along the rocky coastline and enjoy the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea life at close quarters.

Ibiza Otopus

An Octopus found by Vincete under the waves off Ibiza

Sun beds with umbrellas are available to hire for the day, or you can bring you own, although at peak times you may end up a little back from the water’s edge if you don’t arrive early.

A small but great restaurant serves snacks, drinks and traditional Spanish paella for lunch so you can lose a day here very easily away from the hustle and bustle of other well-known beaches.

Do you have any secret gems in and around San Antonio?

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