Three things not to miss in San Antonio, Ibiza

Chilli Pepper Charters San Antonio Ibiza

Chilli Pepper Charters

Whether you are staying in or around San Antonio Ibiza, or just visiting for the day and the World Famous Sunset, here are three things you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

San Antonio has lots to offer all visitors not just the clubbing and partying its famous for from its beautiful beaches to incredible coastline as well as top class resturants and laid back bars.

Chilli Pepper Charters

Where: San Antonio Waterfront
When: Daily lunchtimes and early evenings (Sunset cruise)
Website: or Facebook

Departing from the waterfront in San Antonio in the late afternoon, they gently sail out of the harbour and around the coast of Ibiza with soft music playing. The welcome on-board is perfect and being a family run business they cater their trips to their passengers on board, whether it be young groups out for a good time, couples, or family groups with children and can take up to 20 people at a time.

Free drinks are included in the price of the trip and you are hosted by Vincente (the captain) and Sofi (the sailor) who are warm and friendly , chatting to everyone,  explaining the history or significance of the sights, bays and beaches you pass and ultimately ensuring you all have a good time.

With the music playing on the breeze, the warm sun on your face and the sound of the boat cutting through the waves you cannot help but feel yourself relaxing and become more chilled as you sail north or west from San Antonio.

Along the way, the boat anchors up and you have the chance to jump from the boat to go swimming in the bays and off the beaches of Ibiza where you will see the most incredible underwater sights from colourful fish, crabs to octopus and much more.

Chilli Pepper Charters provide everything that you need  to swim safely, with face masks, snorkels, floats and woggles  all readily available, with life jackets for the more inexperienced swimmers, you can experience the water like never before in a safe, gentle and relaxed manner.

For those who are a little more adventurous, at some locations you can swim from the boat , climb up onto the cliffs and jump / dive back into the Mediterranean which is a truly exhilarating experience if not a little terrifying.

As the sun starts to set, the anchor is pulled on board, and it’s off to find a beautifully peaceful spot along the coast where you can sit and relax talking to fellow passengers about your experiences on Ibiza.  We have on many occasions picked up some great tips on where to visit or eat from fellow passengers.

Chilli Pepper Charters Ibiza sunset boat trip is truly magical

Chilli Pepper Charters Ibiza sunset boat trip is truly magical

Watching the sun gently slip beneath the horizon whilst bobbing up and down on the sea is a magical experience, providing you with an unrivalled view.  You feel at peace and one with nature and are surrounded by happy like-minded people.

Sailing back after sunset at a gentle pace you return to San Antonio harbour feeling totally relaxed and completely unwound after the madness of everyday Ibiza.

The trip lasts between 3 and 4 hours.  Please remain flexible when booking as for the most enjoyment they like to book similar groups together so you get the most enjoyment from your trip.  Their booking hut can be found on the San Antonio waterfront.

Jimmy Mambo Parasailing

Where: San Antonio Waterfront
When: Multiple trips daily until sunset

Parasailing in San Antonio Ibiza

Parasailing in San Antonio Ibiza

If you ever look out over San Antonio Bay you cannot help but notice the continual parasailing. Their large parachutes little dots along the skyline. At sunset, they help add to the ambience of the view.

So what’s it like? It’s like floating on air. We have been several times, as a family and love it. You quite literally sit at 400ft whilst getting a bird’s eye view of the bay, surrounding islands and beaches.

The world below all looks miniature and toy-like and it’s so peaceful high up and away from the madness of everyday Ibiza.

We have always been out with Jimmy’s Mambo Parasailing based in San Antonio (you can find their hut on the waterfront in San Antonio) and have always found it to be safe, fun and above all a great laugh.

With everyone life jacketed up, you board the boat and are given simple instructions as the boat makes its way out from the harbour and the first group (can be singles, pairs or families) are harnessed up ready to fly.

Parasailing in San Antonio Ibiza

Parasailing in San Antonio Ibiza

The captain and crew unfurl the chute which will lift you up into the air letting it billow out behind the boat.

The first group moves forward, and in a slightly undignified manner slide themselves on their bums into position at the rear of the boat ready to go.

The clips are connected and tightened, everything is checked, and then you’re lifting off, floating gently and gaining height all the time.

Even after a few seconds you feel like you’re hundreds of feet up as the boat gets smaller and small and you can see more and more of Ibiza.

It takes a few minutes to get to the maximum height of around 400 ft where you can admire the view or for the more adventurous among you, go upside down on the harness giving you a truly different view of the world below.

You occasionally feel a slight tug as the wind moves you around in the sky and the boat compensates accordingly below as you sit there floating happily.

Ocean Mania

Where: Along the promenade beside Ocean Beach Club
When: Daily approximately every 30 minutes
Website: or facebook

Ocean Mania Ibiza the water wipe out course located in San Antonio

Ocean Mania Ibiza the water wipe out course located in San Antonio


Walking between San Antonio Bay and San Antonio Harbour you cannot help but notice the orange, white and blue inflatables floating in the bay. This my friends is Ocean Mania, an assault course on water.

They have a little shop beside Ocean Beach with lockers for valuables and where you purchase your low priced tickets. Once you’re ready, you make your way to the shoreline, where you are fitted with a life jacket and guided into the water.  You follow the rope out to the course swimming as it gets deeper.

Getting on to the on ramp with a little pulling and shoving from friends, or strangers who are bouncing past,  may be needed to get you up onto the inflatable course.

The next question is which direction, which obstacle first?

You take a few tentative steps keeping low on the slippery surface and navigate your way round over and under obstacles through the tunnel and to within sight of the climbing wall, just a few rings to navigate very carefully and onto the climbing wall.  With hand holds you can reach the summit and ultimately in your self-congratulations you slip and slide into the water, trust me it won’t be for the last time.

You recover yourself, finding another on ramp and continue round slipping and sliding and balancing yourself carefully. Over the rope swing with friends and family laughing as SPLASH you’re in the water again.

Ocean Mania has a new course for 2018 and it is spectacular

Ocean Mania has a new course for 2018 and it is spectacular


Back on at last, you decide to climb onto the jump cushion, gingerly getting yourself to the end egging your friends to jump on the other end.  When they do, it sends you flying into the air and into the water with a huge splash to great cheers.

A short swim and another clamber back on you try the trampoline on water which is located in the middle of the course.  You get there, take a 5 min rest, and then start to jump.  With it being on water and a little more unstable it’s not as easy as it looks and one wrong bounce and SPLASH there’s that water again.

All too soon your time is up and after one last clamber up the ramp for one last mega slide into the water you swim slowly back to the shore to see the endless pictures they took of you always at just the wrong moment.

Great for all with swimming ability as you will fall off and spend a bit of time swimming round and clambering back on.

What are your favourite “things to do in San Antonio”?


  • I have been on chilli Peppers before and Twister Jet but can’t believe I missed Ocean Mania!! Is it there this year as I am going back in August?

    • HI jenny,

      As far as we know they will be back I would guess from mid to late May onward. I will try to find out more specific info for you.

      UPDATE: the guys from Ocean Mania tell us they will be open from the 1st of May.


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