Top Tips for Saving Money in Ibiza

Save Cash when coming to Ibiza

Save Cash when coming to Ibiza

Ibiza is like any holiday destination you do pay a small premium to enjoy it, however, being an island where a lot of items have to come in by sea it does make it slightly more expensive than mainland Spain.

However don’t let this put you off; you can still have a great trip away even if you are on a budget,  read on to see how you can save yourself a few quid which will make a huge difference to your time away.


When booking flights try to be flexible on times and dates.  Overnight flights also tend to be less popular and, therefore, cheaper.

Also check ALL airlines for flights there are a lot more than just Ryanair and Easyjet we have a comprehensive flight guide here.

If you can, check flights going via Barcelona or via Palma or via Malaga.  It takes an extra couple of hours but could save you hundreds of pounds and also get you there earlier.

We went via Palma for the opening week and saved £48 per person which is more than an extra Mojito or two so well worth looking at.


Changing up English money to euros before you go is a must.  The rates on the island tends to be less competitive, and if you use a debit or credit card whilst abroad, the same applies and you may also be charged a conversion fee.

Use this site to compare exchange rates.  If you’re travelling as a group change it all in one go as some companies do slightly better rates the more you convert.

Grab your Euros beforehand to get better rates

Grab your Euros beforehand to get better rates than in Ibiza


I cannot stress enough how important research is when choosing your villa, apartment, hotel or hostal. Work out what you want to do and choose the area accordingly to cut down on travelling costs.

Check out our Ibiza Resort Guide for ideas of which areas to stay in Ibiza depending on what you are looking for in a holiday.

Use trip advisor style sites to read reviews, a few of the best down to the worst.  A lot of bad comments usually tend to be very specific to one incident which means a great place to stay can look bad on the surface as someone didn’t like the view.

Also remember it’s only a bed to sleep in.  It’s not your home and you’re not likely to spend much time there so don’t blow the budget on something you won’t use.

However if you are travelling in a large group do look at villas as depending on the number in your party you may find its a cheaper alternative than all having your own hotel rooms.  The downside is villas do tend to be away from the main resort so transport costs may increase.

For discounted accommodation or late deals check out our Ibiza accommodation deals page here.


The options on Ibiza are endless, hire cars, taxi’s, buses, and ferries. Again work out exactly what you’re doing ahead of time and choose accordingly.

The buses are great day and night and cover most of the island well. They are reasonably priced clean and reliable. Download the app here

If you want to go exploring to the north of the island, a hire car may be a better option but ask yourself do I need it for the whole time I am in Ibiza? Check out the best deals on car hire here.

Top tips for saving money in Ibiza

The buses in Ibiza are a great way to get around

Food and Drink

Food can be quite expensive in Ibiza so choose carefully. Consider eating your main meal of the day at lunch time.

See this article about Menu of the day a set price 2 or 3-course meal with a drink on offer across Ibiza.

Drinks on the other hand can be bought very cheaply in places but don’t start too early; the main clubs don’t open till midnight so stay in the hotel bar for an extra hour or grab a few beers from the supermarket and head out to see the sunset.

For those who do want to enjoy a few pre-party drinks check out the offer available from Ibiza Disco Tickets who do a pre-party package in San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa perfect to get you warmed up ahead of your big day or night out.

The clubs are what they are and they charge accordingly.  I liken it to a one day festival and in comparison, the entry prices are about right. The drinks on the other hand are expensive – a beer is around 12 euros,  a bottle of water 9 euros with a spirit and mixer 20 euros plus.

Stick to the occasional beer and water and ensure you keep hydrated.  The clubs are hot and sweaty, it’s Ibiza.


Ibiza clubs seem to have notoriety in being exceptionally expensive but this is far from it some of the biggest night such as Defected at Eden or day time party at O Beach only charge €15 – €20 per person when bought in advance.

Even the bigger events like Camelphat at Hï Ibiza or Dance or Die at Ushuaïa are priced at €35 euros when bought in advance.

Also if you book with Ibiza Spotlight you can get a full refund if you cannot attend or with Ibiza Disco Tickets you can reserve your tickets for just €5 euros, guaranteeing entry yet paying the balance on arrival in Ibiza.

Travel out of peak season

If you’re not coming for a specific party night or genre of music then booking to go in late April, May or in October is noticeably cheaper.  Yes there will be a little less open but there is still enough to keep you happy and the weather is still great at that time of year although in April and May the sea may be a little fresh.

Ibiza can be as cheap or expensive as you like but we hope our top tips for saving money in Ibiza gives you the confidence that it can be done on a budget.


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