Tourism is Crippling the Ibiza Rental Market

Rental Apartments in Ibiza

Rental Apartments in Ibiza

In Ibiza it was always the way that come the end of September and early October an abundance of accommodation, from large villas down to small apartments, would come up to rent for the year ahead. The rent would be fair and agreed with the landlord in advance for the whole year.

The accommodation that didn’t get snapped up,  would be filled by the summer seasonal workers at a slightly higher rent, to cover the missing few months, and at the end of the season the process would start all over again.

This worked not only for local families but also those moving to the island on a more permanent basis.

In recent years this has changed dramatically and is now affecting the island as a whole and could inevitably change Ibiza forever.

Some people who own apartments and villas in Ibiza are using unregulated brokers to rent out their properties for extortionate sums in the summer months.  Many of these properties, which are not licensed for rental, are not owned by Ibizans but foreigners who are intent on purely making as much money as possible with no respect for locals or visitors alike.

Nowadays in most cases you can find a property to rent over the winter period at a very reasonable rate but come April they will ask for twice or even three times your monthly rent to stay there over the summer months.

It has led to a lot of Ibizans having no option but to move back in with their parents on the island or in some cases even move away from the island as it is impossible for them to find suitable and affordable accommodation for them and their families all year round.

On the flip side of this, does it mean we are being duped into paying way too much to stay on the island?

Cala Bassa Beach Ibiza

Are we ruining Ibiza’s rental market forever?

A quick hunt on the web shows up its easy to rent a villa for up to 10 people making the inflated price seem quite reasonable when divided by 10.

Ok so a few of you will be sleeping in what should be a lounge but hey it’s a holiday with mates, it will be a great base and better than all having separate rooms in a hotel not next to each other.

So in some cases it’s actually cheaper for those visiting Ibiza to cram themselves into a villa or large apartment and of course, who doesn’t want to make the most of every penny.

When you book your accommodation in Ibiza this summer, if you do nothing else, please make sure that you are using a reputable agent and that you are renting a licensed property.

Perhaps if everyone did this then more Ibizans and residents would be able to rent a place they could call home.

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