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Flying to Ibiza

On our last trip to Ibiza we left it late to book and were shocked at the flight prices to fly direct from our local airport (Bristol).  This was also not helped by the fact that there was only one flight out the week we chose.

So in a bid to see if we could do it cheaper any other way we looked for a via route and found that flying into Palma and then getting an Island Hopper flight to Ibiza saved us £50 per person.

There are multiple flights per day between Palma and Ibiza during the summer season from Air Nostrum and Air Europa.

So the morning of the flight arrived and we left the house at just after 4am to get to the airport for the 0605 flight to Palma with just hand luggage.

We landed in Palma a little ahead of schedule at 0910 and well, we walked, and walked, and walked. Palma airport is the third largest in Spain and trust me it is massive.

We managed to exit the airport completely, although I believe you can transit straight through and save yourself a little time.

As it was our first attempt flying via Palma, we had left ourselves plenty of time between flights and took it leisurely going back through security, duty free and making our way to the next flight.

All the inter island flights go from the same terminal (B) and its more like a bus station than an airport.  It looks out over the apron where the planes are unloaded and loaded with great efficiency.

It’s all a little different flying on a smaller plane it turns out and we were given a luggage tag for our hand luggage which as we walked out to the aircraft was placed in the hold (behind the cockpit).

Up three steps and we were inside taking our seats as required, the aircraft used was a twin prop ATR72 which was comfortable if not a little noisier than we were used to.

We took off and before we had finished climbing we were back into the descent to Ibiza.

Arriving we had one last surprise, it’s an internal flight so there are no official checks so we were in and out of the airport with no queuing or fumbling for passports within minutes.

Flying via another airport maybe cheaper and give you a little longer in Ibiza

Flying via another airport maybe cheaper and give you a little longer in Ibiza

Yes ok, we didn’t arrive until Midday and it took us about 2.5 hrs longer than flying direct but for the savings in airfare of £150 in total it was well worth it.

It’s also an option if a direct flight arrives late in the evening. You could gain a few valuable holiday hours by arriving earlier in the day by using the Island Hopper.

I would definitely do it again although I would be comfortable allowing only 90 mins between flights at Palma.

If you are thinking of looking at a via route to Ibiza it’s also worth checking Barcelona or Madrid as they have flights all year round to Ibiza, our winter flight guide can be found here.

So for 5 mins of clicking and researching you could save a few quid or even gain a few hours in Ibiza, perfect.

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