Twister Jet San Antonio Ibiza

Twister Jet San Antonio Ibiza

Twister Jet San Antonio

Twister Jet

Unfortunately, this activity is not running in 2018

Where: San Antonio Waterfront
When: Daily every hour until sunset

For those who like their thrills and spills – this is the trip for you. The boat used is a jet boat from New Zealand which has been modified to run in salt water and waves.

The anticipation builds as your group gathers and you are helped into life jackets and asked to remove you shoes, sunglasses hats etc.  You are then taken to the neon green boat (in groups of 10 – 12) and are seated, whilst being given simple instructions (hold on, brace your feet, enjoy).

The boat gently sails out of San Antonio harbour and past the breakwater before it truly comes alive. With the engine taken up to full power you accelerate up to 35 knots riding the waves.

Some of the bigger waves push the boat airborne and you come down with a thudding smack onto the sea and continue speeding across the bay and out into open water.

Twister Jet is truly a wild ride

Twister Jet is truly a wild ride

The pilot’s arm is raised and you brace yourself knowing that something is coming.  Before you know it the boat turns on a sixpence through 180 degrees and everyone slides across the seats piling on top of one.  Another a huge spray of water hits you as you turn the other 180 degrees to face the way you were.

A quick check that everyone is ok by the pilot and you’re off again, bouncing over the waves.  His hand raises again, you brace and experience another spin as you come to rest at Cala Bassa.  A quick breather to regain your composure and you are told about the benefits of visiting Cala Bassa if you want a great relaxed beach trip.

And you’re off again.  Shooting across the sea, that infamous hand that you have been watching like a hawk raises again.  You brace and the boat does it’s signature move, at first rising up in the water before being powered under the waves.  A huge deluge engulfs you and the boat momentarily as you are submersed under water for a second.

You shake the water from your head, the pilot laughs and checks you are all ok before yet again shooting off to bounce, spin and duck into many more waves before returning to San Antonio harbour where you can watch the video of your trip whilst drying out in the Ibiza sun. Twister Jet is without doubt Ibiza’s answer to a roller-coaster.

This post forms part of our three things not to miss in San Antonio, Ibiza.

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