The West End San Antonio is to be changed forever

West End San Antonio

No more late night tables and chairs in the West End San An

The look and feel of the West End San Antonio is about to be changed forever.  Well for the foreseeable future at least, with limits being placed on the terraces and on how bars operate.

The local council are proposing that as from March 2017 all bars in the West End and possibly other areas have to remove all outside seating and tables by 11pm weekdays and 1130pm at weekends.

This is alongside a raft of other measures being introduced including, limited posters, no outside tvs, speakers or any other audio visual medium to be allowed on the street.

The full list of changes can be found here on but never the less this will change the face of the West End from the way many of us have come to enjoy it over recent years.

The changes are being made to help reduce the noise impact that is felt by the 150 or so local residents who across the summer have to put up with the noise from the West End disturbing them in their homes.

The changes, however, we do not see as being able to reduce this noise by any significant amount and in fact by the council’s own estimates it will only reduce the levels by around 11%.

People will still move between the bars as they always have done and some bars will continue to keep their doors open until the early hours (which is already against the law). Smokers will still stand outside in the street to smoke with the only difference being that there will be nowhere to sit.

We can already see it coming at midnight in peak season –  the streets full of people many sitting on the floor or leaning against the walls of the clubs and bars chatting, laughing and carrying on as normal.

The West End San Antonio Ibiza

The West End dynamic will change forever it seems.

There is also the issue of the calming effect the terraces have, you get a little over excited in a bar or club and you get hoisted out to calm down, you take a breather sit have a drink and return inside, what will happen in this instance is people who are kept standing are less likely to calm down and it may cause more trouble in the long run.

By removing the chairs and tables it will change very little or may even make the problem worse as people will wander off in all different directions looking for somewhere to sit out and enjoy the late night air.

The next problem is who will enforce the changes?  Last year proved that banning PR’s and on the street ticket sellers made very little difference. Yes a few fines were handed out but for the majority of the time it was business as usual.  Although of course we appreciate it is a little harder for a table and chair to blend into the crowd when the local police turn up.

We personally love to sit out on the West End and across San Antonio people watching, chatting and catching up with friends old and new and it’s a shame that these measures have been presented as the answer to the noise problems the West End is experiencing.

It won’t stop us visiting our favorite bars in the West End, however, but we won’t be hanging around as much as we used too and I wonder what effect it will have on the bars and clubs in the area in 2017.

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