West End terraces in San Antonio will close at Midnight

West End terraces in San Antonio will close at Midnight

West End San An

Today it was confirmed that the West End terraces in San Antonio will close at midnight after a new ordinance “of occupation of the public thoroughfare” was passed by the town council.

The previous proposal outlined last year was for the terraces to be closed and removed at 11pm but after discussions with business owners and interested individuals this has been extended until midnight where all tables and chairs in public areas are now to be removed.

There are plans for those premises outside of the West End without music (restaurants) to apply for an extension until 2am but these will be dealt with on a case by case basis as and when requested.

Previously the terraces were allowed to be in place until 4am and the idea behind the changes is to reduce the noise and ultimately the disturbance to those living in the town from large groups of people sitting outside.

It is claimed that this change will reduce the noise levels by up to 11% especially around the area of the West End.

The council hopes to have the new ordinance enforceable by this summer meaning that after midnight San An will look a little different from what we are used to.

Our thoughts: this time of year is known as silly season in Ibiza where alongside the club announcements the local councils come out with new laws many of which make us all go What?.

Last year it was the banning of PR’s, Ticket sellers and club parades, this year it’s the closing of terraces at midnight in San An.

We cannot see it making much difference to the noise or the numbers of people milling around.  Yes there will be a few less static people but I don’t believe those sat down were the ones making the noise in the first place.

We also see the dynamic changing somewhat, after all us oldies tend to sit outside more watching the world go by as opposed to being inside loud noisy venues and pushing out the more mature customers is never good for any venue.

West End San Antonio

No more late night tables and chairs in the West End

The seating also allowed those inside to take 5 get some fresh air and for the security staff to give some chill out time to the over excited punter.  Where will these people go now? They will have to just stand around or wander off making them easy pickings for the prostitutes and pick pockets which is a far bigger issue in the area.

However our biggest concern is, will this make a larger area much noisier than it is now? Those that want to sit outside who are not necessarily into the music or atmosphere inside will now wander off in groups elsewhere.  Will they all end up on the beach in large numbers or back in their rooms where they will continue the party there we wonder?

Time will tell but our feeling as it has been for years is picking on the West End is not the answer to any of the problems the town faces. The town should concentrate on dealing with the pick pockets and the prostitutes making the area safer and more inviting for all.

Over time this will attract a wider range of people, opening up scope for quieter venues and more diverse venues, the town should embrace what they have not alienate it.

The West End should be a proud part of San Antonio where the young and old mix with a variety of bars, eateries, shops and the like and as much as those within the area are trying to do their best they need the council to help them not suffocate them with silly laws as they are currently doing.

Please post your thoughts below we would love to hear your thinking on the West End and San Antonio.

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