What is the magic of Ibiza?

The Magic of ibiza

The Magic of Ibiza

You read about it everywhere, you see people tweeting about it and commenting on Facebook.  Everyone that has ever been constantly goes on and on about it, but what exactly is it, What is the magic of Ibiza?

Is it simply those first few steps on the island, into the searing heat, feeling like you have reached your hearts true home?

Is it ordering a Mojito or Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri at your favourite bar?

Is it watching the sunset alongside thousands of others on the Sunset Strip?

Is it escaping into the wilds of Ibiza, finding that one remote beach you can call your own as you’re the only one there?

Is it spending an afternoon at Ocean Beach, relaxing on a bed or in the pool with DJ Loeca providing the soundtrack?

Is it sat for hours watching the sunset beside Es Vedra with just your own thoughts for company?

Sunset at Es Vedra ibiza

Sunset at Es Vedra Ibiza

Is it making new friends on the Disco Bus on the way to Amnesia?

Is it exploring the narrow passages of Dalt Villa, finding something new around every corner?

Is it taking the Chilli Pepper Charters boat trip and exploring the crystal clear blue sea of the Mediterranean?

Is it watching your favourite DJ in the world’s best Super Clubs?

Is it tumbling headlong into San Antonio harbour after a misguided bounce on Ocean Mania?

Is it giggling like school children walking back to your hotel at 3 am after an evening in the West End?

Is it sat at Tapas Ibiza sharing the most incredible food with those you love?

Is it floating 400ft above the sea on a parasailing trip pretending you’re not scared half to death?

Parasailing in Ibiza

Parasailing in San Antonio Ibiza

Is it sharing an evening with the hippies and their drums on Benirras Beach?

Is it just lying on the beach the day after the most incredible party of your life?

Is it exploring the countryside and realising there is so much more to Ibiza than just partying?

Is it locking your heart and soul in a padlock outside Cafe Mambo?

Is it exploring the hippy markets across the island and making that one perfect purchase that you’ll cherish forever?

The Hippy Market at Club Punta Arbia Es Canna

The Hippy Market at Club Punta Arabi Es Canna

Is it feeling the soft white sand between your toes as you walk along Cala Bassa?

Is it shedding a tear as you walk into the departure lounge on your way back to normal everyday life?

Is it making the most incredible memories that will last you a lifetime?

For me it’s all of these and so much more. Ibiza’s magic is personal and unique to each and every one of us.

So come, explore, and find the magic of Ibiza for yourself.

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