When to Announce Events In Ibiza

What's on when in Ibiza

What’s on when in Ibiza

There are literally hundreds of events which take place in Ibiza every year from the Medieval Festival (early May) running throughout the summer season with the Super Clubs and their weekly line ups to the lesser known events such as the Festival of St Bartholomew in San Antonio (during late August).

Over the years we have been visiting and falling in love the island we have without doubt missed out on events, festivals, activities and even music nights that we would have dearly loved to attend but couldn’t as we didn’t get enough notice of what was on and when.

The timings of announcements is all well very Ibizan and laid back and all the events including the Super Clubs tend not to announce their line ups much ahead of April.  In fact the October Festival held during mid-October didn’t even release their What’s On Guide until the week before the event this year, far too late for many overseas to attend.

I must, however, take my hat off to David Vincent of Sankeys for bucking this trend by promising to have all of his nights set in stone by Christmas so that when people are planning their summer holidays in early January they can see what’s on and book accordingly.

The lateness of announcing not only frustrates but baffles me.  Ibiza is an island reliant on attracting tourists, whether they be club goers or more seasoned holiday makers but yet there are no early communication from the island to the outside world, not specifically to Britain but across Europe and the rest of the world about what’s on and when.

Long gone are the days of just booking a few days away and seeing what’s on when you arrive at your destination which was the case 20 years ago. In a globally instantly connected world people want to travel for a specific reason whether it is a certain club night with a certain Dj or wanting to visit to attend  a cultured festival or a gastronomic experience and we are are all plagued with having to give advance notice to book time off work, book airline tickets, find accommodation etc which all needs notice.

In an ever increasing market of destinations open to everyone Ibiza should be leading the way by bringing event organisers, venues and promoters together to get the announcements out there as early as possible.

I would even go as far to say they should consider advertising in multiple languages, (which I have touched on before see here) and tell the world what’s on and when far ahead of time and help build on the incredible events that the island hosts.

As the busiest months for booking summer holidays approaches (60% of all summer bookings are made by Valentines Day according to Ibiza Property Shop) we can only hope that 2016 brings some early announcements from the White Isle.

Be assured however as and when the events are announced we will include them on our Club Calendar here

For a day to day what’s on guide to Ibiza see Ibiza Spotlights Events Calender here


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