Where to Watch Football in San Antonio Ibiza

Football in San Antonio Ibiza

Football in San Antonio Ibiza

With the football season and the Ibiza season overlapping it’s important to know where you can catch the games, so here is our guide to where to watch football in San Antonio.

I mean, what can be better than an afternoon of top notch football, a beer in your hand and the sun blazing down surrounded by fellow supporters with all the football banter and mick taking you could ever need?  Click for our handy map.

1. The Fish Ibiza

The walls of the Fish are covered in football memorabilia and shirts a-plenty and the atmosphere in the fish is perfect, small and intimate just like the terraces of long ago.

With a warm welcome from Joe and his staff, their famous 1 Euro breakfast, sensible priced beers and many seasonal workers as regulars this is the place to be week after week for the start of the football season and many ex pats over the winter as the Fish is one of the few places open throughout the winter months.

The new bar at The Fish Ibiza, San Antonio

The Fish Ibiza in San Antonio, Carrer de Santa Rosalia, 2

2. The Highlander

Located in the West End bang in the heart of San Antonio, no matter where you are staying you are only a stone’s throw away from the Highlander.

With 2 bars, 10 screens, great food and amazing air conditioning it’s a great place to watch the big game on a Saturday afternoon.

Synonymous with the Scottish football fans they also show the English games as well, but only if you ask nicely 😉

The Highlander where we were made so welcome by all.

The Highlander Scottish Pub with 10 screens over 2 floors.

3. Linekers

The name is synonymous with football and yes it’s part of the Lineker family being owned by Gary’s brother Wayne and is, without a doubt, the Football Bar in San Antonio.

Perfectly positioned in the center of S’Arenal beach, it’s like a home away from home, with multiple screens showing nearly every live broadcast game there is, be it the English or Scottish Premiership’s, League 1 or the European Championships this is the place to make sure you never miss any game.

Linekers, the home of football in San Antonio Ibiza

Linekers, the home of football in San Antonio Ibiza

Our Top Tip: Double check the kick off times before heading out as Ibiza is one hour ahead of the UK.

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