Wifi and Mobile Phones in Ibiza

Wifi and mobile phones in Ibiza

Wifi and mobile phones in Ibiza

Up until a few years ago finding a decent wifi connection in Ibiza was a truly rare thing and only the odd coffee shops had it, but thankfully, times have changed and now there are an abundance of free networks you can connect to.

Most hotels, bars and restaurants have wifi which you can use whilst you’re there. Some hotels do charge extra, but as with most places it’s cheap enough and works well.

The only problem we have ever found with restaurants and some bars is getting the password right, Sometimes it tends to get a little lost in translation.  If you are having difficulty your best bet is to ask them to write it down for you and accept that the waiter will tut or roll their eyes at you.

When you are at some of the tourist hotspots look for Be Free internet on your device. It’s free, open to all and is a hassle free connection with no password needed. This is a growing force across Ibiza and is expanding to new areas all the time.

In places like the sunset strip it does get a lot of users trying to tweet and Facebook that sunset to all their mates back home at the same time so it can be a little slow, but its hassle free so be patient.

Be Free also do a premium service with faster speeds and access at over 60 locations across the island, costing 10 euros for 4 days unlimited access.

Mobile phone coverage across the denser populations of the island and Formentera is great and works well. Outside of these it can be a little sparse but year on year it is getting better, so if you have a villa in the hills to the north of the island don’t be surprised if it doesn’t always work.

Data connections are fast and reliable and 4G is becoming more and more common across Ibiza Town and San Antonio.

Using your mobile abroad can be costly so make sure you check out beforehand if you can buy an international add on or find out what it will cost you to show off to those at home.

However, for the first time this year those on the Three network can use their phone in Spain as they would at home.  So if you have all inclusive minutes, texts and data it will cost you no more than usual.

Mobile phone coverage Ibiza and Formentera

Mobile phone coverage Ibiza

There are a few restrictions such as the inability to tether devices whilst abroad, you can only use it for 2 consecutive months abroad at a time and you have to make sure your account is set for international roaming before you go. (This can take up to 48 hours so make sure you leave enough time)

Even if you are on PAYG with 3, you can take advantage of this by paying £15 for the All-in-One 15 which will give you 500 minutes, 3000 texts and unlimited data for 30 days.  Again you can’t tether but it will mean you can stay in touch wherever you are and annoy your friends with those sunset pics.

Please note from the 19th August 2015 this package is being re-branded the All-in-one 25 and will cost £25 per 30 days, even with the price change its still a cheap way to use your phone in Ibiza.

As we have said before, it’s important to do your research ahead of time and work out your best option. You may find using your mobile with your current network will be expensive, but if your phone is unlocked you could grab a three PAYG sim stick £20 on it and you’re laughing with the added benefit that with a different number you can pick and choose who can get hold of you whilst you are away.

TopTip: Make sure you write down your mobile number, IMEI number and the contact for your network before you leave home just in case you lose or have your phone stolen, so you can cancel it immediately.

Last year we saw several reports of people losing their mobiles only to find some unscrupulous so and so had hammered it for a few days and a huge bill was waiting for them on their return home.

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