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Working in Ibiza

Having spent some time in Ibiza during late May it amazed me at how many jobs were still available for summer workers.

A chance encounter with a long serving summer worker (into his 10th year) at the Fish Ibiza provided a surprising answer which was further backed up by a conversation with another long term Ibiza resident.

This year it seems that there are lots of workers but they just don’t seem to be able to get their head around the fact that they are in Ibiza to work.

Here is the average story of one of those who didn’t come prepared and had the wrong attitude.

So you have made the decision to spend a season in Ibiza, having the summer of your life.  You have saved up enough money to survive the first few weeks and to get a shared place with a few friends.

The first few days on the island you get settled and get your bearings.  You have a day at the beach; have a few meals out and maybe a heavy night or two at a club but now its time to get a job.

You start asking around and attend a few fairly casual interviews.  There are plenty of jobs available from bar work, waitressing or well being anything really.  Whilst none, in your opinion are perfect they will do.

You find a great job being a waitress/waiter at your favourite bar.  The boss is a laugh and you settle in and as much as it’s still quiet you’re making just about enough to survive on, especially as a few free drinks from the bar keeps your day to day spending down.

The problem is the fact that the temptations of Ibiza are too strong for you and despite trying to be good you’ve just heard about another party tonight which you simply cannot miss especially as everyone who’s anyone is going.

Its not all about the partying when working in Ibiza

Its not all about the partying when working in Ibiza

As you roll in at sunrise you decide that a few hours sleep is all that’s needed and you’ll be fine for work. You oversleep and wake at 3pm to find several messages on your phone from your boss going nuts as you should have been at work hours before.

You hurriedly get ready and stumble to work.  By the time you get there,  the advert for your replacement  is already in the window. The boss knows he can find others easily so doesn’t listen to your pleas to give you a second chance or to be fair, especially as this was the third day in a row you were late for work.

So who cares you think as you wander off, there are plenty of jobs about.  You spend another few days finding a different, job this time selling tickets on which you will earn commission.  That’s perfect for you as it means you get to spend the days in the sun walking the streets and beaches talking and hopefully selling to tourists and are your own boss.

Unfortunately it’s still May and a lot of the people on the island are workers like you so they’re not interested in what you have to sell and its hard work.  Don’t forget there is also that party to attend tonight.  And with the last few euros in your pocket you spend an amazing night at the club rolling in at sunrise and waking after 3pm again.

All too soon the landlady of your apartment is hammering on the door demanding the next months rent and what you thought would be an amazing summer turns into a nightmare as you end up thrown out and at the airport ringing your parents with the last of your euros begging them to pay for your flight home.  Your season is over before it really began.

So if you’re thinking of working in Ibiza the key is in the title, YOU have to WORK.  It’s not one long holiday sad to say, but we can guarantee that it will be an adventure of a lifetime with unique and incredible experiences, well worth the 12 hr plus days that you will put in.


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